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As creators we have unlimited power of creation, each new day we have a chance to invent something new and rethink our lives and beliefs; we often struggle with doubt thinking that we are not really capable of change or not strong enough to really chase our dreams. We settle and leave our life and our world in the hands of someone else. We think that a world free from global warming, pollution, discrimination and inequality is something impossible and out of reach. Have you ever asked yourself what really takes for something to change? 



In order to change something you need to ACT. Our actions and choices are what shape who we are and our future, if you get caught up thinking that a big change requires too much effort or seem impossible to achieve, just remember that a big change is just a series of small changes and that together we can change it all. We decided to ACT and join our forces with 1% Percent for the Planet in our first collaboration bag to challenge an old system of beliefs and create a statement for the new era of FORWARD THINKERS.



One Percent for the Planet is an International organization created by the Founder and CEO of Patagonia Yvon Chouinard, the members contribute to environmental causes and help build a global network of sustainable development. They aim to "build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet". At studio we created this bag with Organic Cotton (80%) and Recycled Plastic (20%) to support a growing network of Forward Thinkers.



This bag is a reminder for you and for us of our potential as Creators, use it as your tool to bring a positive change into this World!

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