studio - apparel for conscious human beings





Studio embodies a new collective consciousness that is growing widely all over the world. There is a new air flowing among people, a wind of hope, unity and change that challenges an old system of beliefs. As part of something bigger it is our responsibility to look forward as a spieces. It is our purpose to fulfill the universal spirit that resides in every human being by giving everyone the possibility to express its own true-self and free its unique burning flame of creation. When we connect and sync with the Universe we start perceiving the true nature of reality and become aware that there is not a single soul that does not have the potential to shine. In this new space we are born again and we are finally awake and able to realize that there is no distinction,  that we are one with all the living things and the skies above. It is our choice as a collective to build a new world where everyone can be free to express their full potential without limitations, create and sync with the Universe and live in harmony with our mother planet and  every soul living on its surface. Each design we make is a bold statement of this vision of a New World, an encouragement to every creator and dreamer to always shine in their truest form, no matter what! and a reminder for us all of the potential that we have both as individuals and as a collective to effectively shape our destiny.

We are the Renaissance.

We are one.